My Zumba® Story

I imagine myself sat in a circle, in a quiet room, with at least a dozen other sombre looking women. Suddenly, it’s my turn to speak. I find myself standing and nervously looking around at all of the apprehensive eyes focussing on me as I utter the words ‘Hi, my name is Claire and I’m a Zumba-holic!’ I look around for a reaction and suddenly, there is a sea of crazy neon pinks, blues and yellows in a blur before me – all of the women on their feet, clapping, whooping and smiling. It is at this point that I realise that I am not alone and I am amongst friends who totally understand me.

My story began on a Saturday night in the local pub with my friends. One of the girls was talking about how great Zumba was on the Wii and how hard you have to work, when I piped up ‘you can go to actual real-life Zumba classes you know?’, having attended a couple a few years ago and remembering how much I had enjoyed it.  So, straight away we got on the internet and searched for our nearest class and found one on a day and time that all three of us could manage. In the middle of the pub, we made a fairly drunken ‘pinky-promise’ that we would all go. Two of us stuck to our promise.

The first class we tried was a bit too tame, I didn’t find it ‘energetic’ enough in comparison to my recollections. The second class, the instructor didn’t even turn up. Then the third place we tried, which was perfect. I felt like Goldilocks, this seemed just right!

From day one, I was hooked. I think everyone feels completely daft at first, when most of the class know the routines and you’re just standing there staring at the instructor, confused and feeling that everyone is looking at you like you’re some kind of weirdo for not being able to do it. But that never happened, no-one laughed at anyone for doing it ‘wrong’ – the general attitude being ‘as long as you’re moving, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing’. The way the instructor got the whole class going was inspiring. People were smiling, laughing, interacting and having a genuinely brilliant time, as well as actually exercising. And it is that atmosphere that made me keep going back. But not only that class, I often went four or five nights a week – even when I had to be brave and go on my own!

I hadn’t been particularly happy at work, my relationship wasn’t going too well and I was constantly looking for an excuse to get out of the house, and after the loss of my dad a few years beforehand and most of my family living so far away, I felt lost and fairly lonely. Having suffered with depression previously, I knew there was a chance I would slip back into the old cycle and that I had to do something positive with my life.

I tried my hardest to get anyone and everyone I knew to come with me and try this experience as I wanted them to feel as great as I did (and probably bored all of my friends with my Zumba ravings!).  As I attended more and more classes to get my ‘high’, I started to feel a change in myself, not only physically, but mentally. I began to tone up and lose weight and with that, cut down on comfort eating because I felt like I was doing something good and didn’t want to ruin my hard work. I also felt my confidence levels were boosted, especially when people started to comment on how I looked healthier. I could feel myself starting to stand a little taller and smile a lot more. I had a lot more energy and was sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed, rather than tired and uninterested every day. My working days seemed to become shorter, knowing that I had a Zumba class to go to in the evening. I would talk about it to my colleagues, my friends and basically anyone who would listen. I even put friends on hold on a Friday night so that I could Zumba first and meet them later!  Even now, my friends know that they have to book me in advance, as there's no way I'm cancelling class - my participants NEED me!

After a couple of months, my friends had really noticed how good it was for me. I was taken aback when one of my closest friends told me how proud he was of me for keeping motivated and how he’d never known anyone to have embraced anything as ferociously as I had and how much he could see a change in me for the better. To which I simply replied ‘I just love it’. He and a couple of other friends suggested maybe I should try to become an instructor – which I loved the idea of, but thought there wasn't a chance for me.  

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that perhaps I could learn and that I could make a good go of it because I had the motivation and the will. I want to make other people feel as good about themselves as I had started to feel.

I love watching these other, crazy ladies wiggling, whooping, jumping and giggling for all their worth and escaping for an hour from the ‘normality’ of daily life. It is an incredible sensation to see people enjoying themselves and letting go for that short moment.

So, I am now an instructor!

I am sure that my dad would be very proud of me and what I have achieved so far and that compels me to keep going forward. I know that I drive people nuts with my ‘obsession’, but I can’t help it. I feel good, happy and more confident and content in my own skin than I ever have. I always have something to look forward to and if I have a ‘down’ day because I know that when I get to class, I will be welcomed with beaming smiles and happy folks every time.

I am so thankful to my friends for that ‘pinky-promise’ that has changed my life for the better.

Long may we continue to whoop together!

Zumba Love xxx

Our Staff

Hi, I'm Claire, thanks for visiting my website!

A lot has changed for me since taking up Zumba and I have learnt an awful lot about what my classes mean to different people and to me since I have been teaching.

There are many good reasons to exercise regularly and especially taking a Zumba class. According to research these can include a healthier heart, improved cognitive function, greater mobility, stronger muscles and bones, stress relief and improved confidence along with fun social interaction, with potential weight loss being a bonus.

In my opinion being fit and able to function effectively and more efficiently in everyday life is the MOST important reason to exercise - not to be 'skinny'. I want to encourage a fitter and healthier lifestyle and for people to come along to class on a regular basis to assist in achieving these health benefits.

I'm not promising quick-fix results. Whilst a 'magic' pill or a fad diet may kick-start your weight loss it won't necessarily help you keep going. Cleaner eating and regular exercise can make everyone feel happier and healthier in the long run. And let's face it, we're all in for the long haul!

That said, research has shown that you can burn anywhere between 500 and 900 calories and take over 6000 steps in one hour at a Zumba class, so if you are looking for a good calorie burn and to up your step-count, it is a fabulous and fun way to do it without having to pound the treadmill!

You will find easy to follow routines that are both effective and smile-inducing whilst being set to uplifting music in a relaxed atmosphere filled with friendly and encouraging people - don't believe the people who tell you that Zumba classes are really complicated! Come and see for yourself!

No matter your shape, size or level of fitness or reason for wanting to come to class, Zumba could be for you and you are always welcome at my classes. Just feel the music and it all falls into place.

Come along and give it a go - it's a great, enjoyable way to exercise without getting bored! Don't just take my word for it, see what other class members say

With three classes to choose from each week in Epsom and Ewell, there is plenty of opportunity to come along and give it a go.

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